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Our Story

Andreas Schiørring

Baby Gym is developed by Andreas Schiørring and Bettina Steen Schöer . Andreas is an associate professor MSc in Sport, University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University Master of Education and Teaching, University of Southern Denmark Teaches child gymnastics aged 1-2 years External teacher at the Department of Sports Science, Aarhus University Author of the book Academic Education in Sports (2018, Frydenlund) Sports education consultant

Bettina Steen Schöer

Bettina is a private practicing occupational therapist. Occupational therapist from VIA UC Campus North Aarhus Teacher in baby gymnastics, team teaching and individual courses. Educated in baby massage and completed a number of other courses within the children's area. Experience as lecturer for teachers and educators on various child therapeutic areas, including sensory motor skills and sensory integration therapy. She also has experience as an external teacher at the occupational therapist training - within thechildren's area at VIA UC Campus North Aarhus.

Bettina Steen Schöer

All motor skill exercises are easy to learn, as they are demonstrated in videos with subtitles.
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